Admissions 2015


6th to 9th

Classes has been started From 09-02-2015


First Year

Classes has been started from 23-03-2014


First Year Reg 2015-17

Registration of 1st Year has been started session 2015-2017

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RASHID MINHAS SCHOOL was first started on dated January 02, 1990 with only primary class and it was in rented place. With the hard working and due to best administration its result was very amazing. Its wonderful results made this institute very famous and it was promoted to middle level on dated 1993. This institute made his results very wonderful and took positions and got very fame in the division and as a result it got secondary position on dated 1997 and now RASHID MINHAS SCHOOL is the famous and best institute in the Punjab with best results in Board Positions. RASHID MINHAS SCHOOL is the unique institute which is getting position in each year from BISE DG RASHID MINHAS SCHOOL is providing secure future to the students. .

Rashid Minhas is the unique institute which is geting position in each year from BISE DG.KHAN , RASHID MINHAS is providing secure future to the students .

Mission of Rashid Minhas Secondary School


Functioning as a research oriented institution dedicated to academic excellence, open-mindedness and equality. Maintaining and fostering highest moral and practiced values while teaching students to seek knowledge logically, be imaginative, and converse effectively to meet the promising needs of the society. Ensuring and supporting faculty and staff to continue their professional and intellectual development. Helping the society through creating harmony between people by bringing them together from every corner of the country..